Direct-to Vinyl Recording Project 2024
On July 15th, to Brooklyn I'll hasten
To Leesta Vall Sound Recordings, at their invitation.
I'll record (live-to-vinyl) my own song creation
On vinyl! That's right - can you feel my elation?
The process and tech are vintage and true
One record, one take - And I'll make one for you!
These single-song records are exclusive and precious
If you order one, then I declare you the bestest!
Two original songs available as limited-edition, 7" lathe-cut vinyl, personalized records:
Medusa's Blues (formerly "I'm a Monster")
The Tale of Echo
Here are some digital recordings available everywhere you stream music:
"See Emily Play" by Pink Floyd,
with the Ukulele Scramble
"The Man in the Long Black Coat" by Bob Dylan,
with the Just Fine Thank You Band